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A show about video games for people who aren't necessarily into video games! Each week we take a real 4 letter word as fuel to find the most interesting stories and bring them to you.
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Sep 29, 2015

Sub rosa secrets and more await! Erik Satie, how a fine wine is like a video game by way of David Wolinsky's Don't Die series with guest and game designer Borut Pfeifer, and the low-poly high-stakes of the game Sub Rosa with its creator Alex Austin. Also, some secrets. And my mom.

Sep 21, 2015

Well, we did it. Our first “gimmick” episode. We turn to the burgeoning gig economy on the internet and see if they can make a better episode than us, for around five bucks.

Sep 14, 2015


We ask you to reimagine the most striking imagery of the Cold War - nukes. These missiles could end civilization, and we turn look at some games that deal with that very question: ICBM and to be fair to the Reds, Super Soviet Missile Mastar. Plus, adult puppets. As always follow us on twitter @otherwhitetofu @sneakdoorbeta @G4LWshow and visit for show notes!

Sep 7, 2015

We go Earthbound and down to explore every aspect of what makes a game a cult classic, along with the first coproduction with David Wolinsky's Don't Die series looking at what it means to be in the cult of personality in the indie games space and as a video game journo. Plus, Matt joins a cult for a night. It does not go well.